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A professional resume is vital when you apply for employment.  Help is provided for Executives, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, Non-Managers, New Grads and everyone else in each industry. 



Our cover letters include text to convince a new employer how you could add value as an effective team member, leader, manager, director, etc. 



Whether it is career coaching or personal counselling services, or help with Interview Coaching, we're here to help you online or in person to get unstuck. 

Deluxe Resumes in Toronto is a well-established and reputable company with a long history of providing high-quality resume writing services. The fact that we offer both online consultations and in-person meetings for the initial discussion provides flexibility for clients. We are recognized in national publications and newspapers. With such a track record, it's a well known fact that individuals seeking professional resume assistance improve their chances to be called more often for interviews. 

Without our help, you may be searching for employment for the next 5 months. Karen will be your HR Advisor, and she will provide the best resume and a powerful letter. 

Phone Karen directly at 416-226-0460 (landline) 

Hours are M-Thursday: 8:30 am - 6 pm in Toronto, Canada.

Friday: 8:30 am - 3:00 pm. 

For a quote, send your information to Karen at, and I'll make sure to get back to you promptly with a personalized quote. Include education, employment, special skills, special projects, awards, volunteer experience, current courses you may be taking, certificates, etc. 

To see a selection of job titles to choose from click on our Menu. Or tell us your own.

Try to send us a job posting. Check over dates of employment on your previous resume. We'll work together to produce a high quality set of documents.

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  1. Speak to your Human Resources Advisor Karen by email or by phone.

  2. Give us your information, i.e., employment, education 

  3. Send your own resume for our review for a quote. 

  4. Tell us your job title(s), and the salary you would like.  Send us a job posting.

  5. Ask for a quote, then send an etransfer or arrange to pay by credit card online.

  6. Karen will set up a discussion with you on WhatsApp Video, Zoom, LinkedIn Video or by phone only.  She will ask you questions and write everything for you.

  7. Review your resume and cover letter and call the office. You will receive exceptional customer service from Deluxe Resumes and valuable information.  


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