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The Certified Resume Experts at this company would like to learn more about you. Please reply by email and phone and tell us about your career.  Send a job posting that you want to apply for, to: 

Executive, Senior Manager, Director, Vice President, Entrepreneur, Owner?
Nurse: RN, RPN, PSW?  Lab Worker? 
Retail Manager, Retail Associate, Customer Service, Client Relations?
Transportation Driver? TTC Transit Operator? Pilot? Railway Conductor? Flight Attendant
Teacher, EA - Education Assistant
Banking, Finance?  Customer Service Rep? Mortgage Agent/Broker? 
Engineer: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Chemical?
IT?  Human Resources? Communications?  
Skilled Trades? Machine Operator? Driver? Construction Industry? 
Sports Industry?  
Food and Beverage?
Alcohol Industry?
Non-Profit Organization?
Government: City of Toronto? City of Vaughan? City of Mississauga? Provincial ? Federal?
Secretary? Return to Work Mom or Dad? 
Social Worker? ECE? Mental Health Worker? Cleaner? Janitor? Self Employed? 

EMAIL NOW TO: with your details. How may Karen help you? 


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